Our Mission - To Promote and Enhance Wealth Literacy

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Our Motto - Learn and Do

Information and education put to use for benefit and gain.

Our Vision - That Choosing Wealth Becomes a Lifestyle

Growth in knowledge and effort yields confidence and resilience.

Our Slogan - Wealth Literacy for All!

Prosperity from learned application and liberated aspirations.

Our Goal - Members Financially Healthy and a Wealthy America

In pursuit of a Wealthy America.

Why Wealth Literacy? Because It’s Not Taught In Schools

“Oh, yes. I remember my first course in wealth something-or-other.” Said no one ever – and certainly not wealth literacy.

And so, many people, if not most, come in to the world of earning, spending, saving, investing, retiring and more, with less skills than it takes to read this.

What is wealth literacy, and why should you care? Well, money seems to be pretty darn important to your living and lifestyle. Other things are important, too. We learn how to walk, talk; about the 3 R’s; driving a car – and more. But, study money? Financial responsibility? Wealth (accumulation, retention, distribution)? Not so much – with the obvious exceptions of those who make money and wealth their study and industry – but, why not you, too?

Now, we’re not saying you have to have an advanced degree in a money discipline or be a loan shark, but learning about wealth and then doing something with your knowledge sure beats ignorance, fear or guilt about money. They only fill an empty wallet.

When one surveys the standard childhood curricula beginning at the age of reason and continuing throughout post-secondary education, it is hard to find basic and ongoing materials that teach people what wealth is, why care, when to begin, how to think, plan and act on it, and where to start.

The Wealth Literacy Institute aims to help fill the gap for those who desire wealth and are willing to learn and do the things that can help them live their desired lifestyle.

Because wealth literacy is not taught in schools.

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