To Become Wealthy is a Choice

An individual, family, or organization must make the choice to become wealthy. In the Unites States of America we recognize and enjoy the Creator-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Our team believes, and throughout our Choosing Wealth® platform we encourage you to believe, that you can and should pursue your happiness and live your fullest life possible. And, isn’t it great to have the liberty to do so?

We believe wealth is one of the things you have liberty to happily pursue. But, what is wealth? It certainly is different things to different people. For some, wealth may be paying the bills. For others wealth may mean more.

We define it this way: a lifestyle where your money outlives you.

If government statistics can be believed, then masses of people are ill equipped to fully enjoy “retirement” with enough money to last throughout their lives, not to mention leaving any behind.

Choices matter, especially financial choices, and choices are harder to make without information and experience. The choices you make each day about earning, spending, saving, investing, retiring and more tally up to how the “not working for money” part of your life will go. The Wealth Literacy Institute is the education hub of the Choosing Wealth® platform and a resource for education and information complementary to wealth literacy. We believe that if you begin with wealth literacy, then wealth will be your natural outcome. 

Our platform consists of our patented Choosing Wealth® Calculator and related products, the Wealth Literacy Institute, and our  distribution channel of Alliance Partners from financial services, human resources and benefits services, corporate, education, non-profit and consumer sectors.

We believe in wealth literacy for all, and that means you and employees, students, customers, or stakeholders of another sort. You only need to bring two things with you: desire and discipline.

We aim to foster a wealth literacy movement, and create the cycle of independence. Learn about our Advisory Council.