To Become Wealthy is a Choice

An individual, family, or organization must make the choice to become wealthy. In the Unites States of America we recognize and enjoy the Creator-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Our team believes, and throughout our Choosing Wealth® platform we encourage you to believe, that you can and should pursue your happiness and live your fullest life possible. Isn’t it great to have the liberty to do so?

We believe one of the things an individual has liberty to happily pursue in life is wealth. But, what is wealth? It certainly is different things to different people. For some wealth may be having more money at the end of the month than bills to pay. For others wealth may mean more, like being financially prepared for and secure throughout life. It takes wealth literacy to become the latter.

Choices matter, especially financial choices. Though choices are harder to make without a proper foundation. The Wealth Literacy Institute is the education and information resource of the Choosing Wealth® platform. We take a slightly different approach to the subject of wealth. We go beyond helping people answer financial questions and address money-related issues that are unique to them, yet common to all. We coach people to become wealth literate. We believe in wealth literacy for all.

First, who are these people? They might be you. They might be your employees, students, customers, members, or stakeholders of another sort. In every case, they are people who:

  • have real desire to become wealthy, and;
  • the discipline to learn and do something toward that goal.

Second, what do we have in our platform? We have products, the flagship of which is the patented Choosing Wealth® Calculator. We have a distribution network of Alliance Partners from financial services and human resources, corporations, education, non-profit and consumer sectors. And for users of our products and members of our distribution network we have our Wealth Literacy Institute – the home of tools, ideas, information, education, opinions and guidance pertaining to making wealthy choices.

If government statistics can be believed, then masses of people are ill equipped to fully enjoy “retirement” with enough money to last throughout their lives, not to mention leaving any behind.

The choices you make each day about earning, spending, saving, investing, retiring and more tally up to how the “not working for money” part of your life will go.

We believe that if you begin with wealth literacy, then wealth will be your natural outcome.