Perhaps you or your organization helps people with money matters

The Wealth Literacy Institute (WLI) mission is to promote and enhance wealth literacy. If that makes sense to you, read more.

First, who are these people? They might be employees, students, customers and clients, or stakeholders of another sort. Or, perhaps you yourself are in need of education and information on money matters.

Second, what do we have? We have a product – the patented Choosing Wealth® Calculator. We have a distribution network – Alliance Partners. And, we have the Wealth Literacy Institute – the home of tools, ideas, information, education, opinions and guidance pertaining to making wealthy choices.

We take a slightly different approach to the subject of wealth. If government statistics can be believed, then masses of people are ill equipped to fully enjoy “retirement” with enough money to last throughout their lives, not to mention leaving any behind.

The choices you make each day about earning, spending, saving, investing, retiring and more tally up to how the “not working for money” part of your life will go. We believe that if you begin with wealth literacy, then wealth will be your natural outcome.

Next, how do you plug in?

Choose the option that’s right for you. Each comes with access to exclusive Wealth Literacy Institute content.

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